Our team at 3D Safety has many years of experience working with high-risk processes including the confined space environment. We work across a variety of industries including manufacturing, mining, local government and energy.

Confined Space Policy and Procedure Review

Safety starts with having the best procedures in place. At 3D Safety we work with you to review, update and teach your safety policies and procedures.

Confined Space Policies and Procedures are required to be updated periodically to ensure they are relevant and appropriate to your organisation. Our consultants can assist with a full review of policies, procedures and documents around confined spaces.

Confined Space Identification and Register

To ensure safety compliance someone with the right knowledge and skills must prepare a written assessment of all the possible risks of entering, or working in or near, a confined space. We offer assessments on site to determine confined spaces and assess the document requirements for the space such as risk assessments and rescue plans.

Confined Space Rescue Plans

We can assist with Confined Space Rescue Plan development including planning and creating as well as rehearsing and training in the plan to ensure they are effective and efficient as well as complying with Regulations.

Confined Space Training in Newcastle, NSW

3D Safety is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 90931) and we offer nationally recognised training in Confined Spaces and Gas Test Atmosphere – Confined Spaces and Gas Test Atmosphere 2 day course

Safety Gap Assessments in Newcastle, NSW

A 3D Safety Gap Assessment is a proactive approach to ensure your company is managing safety effectively and complying with relevant legislation, Australian Standards and industry guidelines. One of our consultants will perform a review of your operations, structure, existing system and training of employees in specific high-risk environments (Hot Work areas, Confined Spaces and Working at Heights), including hazardous substances such as cylinder storage areas.

Following the onsite review our consultant will walk through results and offer recommendations to achieve compliance. The process ensures appropriate resources and processes are implemented to eliminate or minimise risks.