Gas Reticulation Inspections

We offer inspections for your Gas Reticulation Systems. This involves the functional and pressure testing of Gas Manifold & Pipeline Systems including:

– system leak testing

– high pressure hoses

– manifolds

– regulators

– safety relief valves

– isolation valves

– outlet valves

– gas cylinder storage

– system identification

Our inspection ensures your systems are in good working order and comply with the relevant standards ‐ in particular AS 4289-1995.

Our Inspection Process

Our qualified consultant examines system and follows a systematic testing procedure.
Structural, functional, pressure and leak testing are performed.
Each plant item is recorded in an individual report.
Non-compliant or faulty equipment are identified in the report.
The report is cross-referenced to relevant Australian Standard, Industry Codes of Practice, WTIA Technical Notes and manufacturer’s specifications.
Plant register created or updated (if required).

Our qualified consultants perform inspections across NSW and QLD. If your organisation uses gas reticulation systems and would like more information on the Australian Standard or compliance requirements, contact us today.