Oxy/Fuel Gas Equipment Inspections

3D Safety is a market leader in the inspection of oxy/fuel gas equipment, including function and pressure testing of regulators, hand pieces, hoses and flashback arrestors. We have been delivering hot work services to industry since 1987.

Our Inspection Process

Our qualified consultant examines gas equipment and follows a systematic testing procedure.
Structural, functional, pressure and leak testing are performed.
Each plant item is recorded in an individual report.
Non-compliant or faulty equipment are identified in the report.
The report is cross-referenced to relevant Australian Standard, Industry Codes of Practice, WTIA Technical Notes and manufacturer’s specifications.
Plant register created or updated (if required).

We offer quarterly, 6 monthly or yearly inspections depending on the needs of your business, our recommendation is a minimum 6 monthly inspection in accordance with the recommendations set out in the Australian Standards AS 4839-2001.

  • Australian Standard 4839-2001 (The safe use of portable and mobile oxy-fuel gas systems for welding, cutting, heating and allied processes) recommends regulators, hand pieces and hoses are inspected and tested every 6 months by a technically competent person.
  • Australian Standard 4603-1999 (Flashback arresters—Safety devices for use with fuel gases and oxygen or compressed air) recommends flashback arrestors are tested at least every 12 months or after a flash back.

Our qualified consultants perform the testing and tagging inspections at any location across Australia. If your organisation uses oxy/fuel gas equipment and would like more information on the Australian Standard or compliance requirements, contact us today.