3D Safety has specialised in the management of safety around Hot Work for over 30 years. We offer our expertise in the following areas:

Equipment Inspections

3D Safety is a market leader in the inspection of oxy / fuel gas equipment, including function and pressure testing of regulators, hand pieces, hoses and flashback arrestors. Our focus is to assist our clients with the ever changing compliance requirements of WHS Act and Regulations, Australian Standards and Mining Regulations in the hot work environment.

Following each inspection our clients receive a detailed report with an individual assessment on each unit or outlet point including any non-compliance or faulty equipment issues. As part of this process our consultants review relevant Australian Standards, Manufacturers Specifications, Industry Codes of Practice, WTIA Technical Notes and industry publications.

We offer quarterly, 6 monthly or yearly inspections depending on the needs of your business, our recommendation is a minimum 6 monthly inspection in accordance with the recommendations set out in the Australian Standards AS 4839-2001.

  • Australian Standard 4839-2001 (The safe use of portable and mobile oxy-fuel gas systems for welding, cutting, heating and allied processes) recommends regulators, hand pieces and hoses are inspected and tested every 6 months by a technically competent person.
  • Australian Standard 4603-1999 (Flashback arresters—Safety devices for use with fuel gases and oxygen or compressed air) recommends flashback arrestors are tested at least every 12 months or after a flash back.

Our qualified consultants perform the testing and tagging inspections at any location across Australia.

Welding Management Plans

Is your Welding Management Plan up-to-date? Welding Management Plans should be reviewed and updated every three years. Our team of consultants can assist you to ensure your Welding Management Plan incorporates changes to legislation, standards and industry best practice.

Hot Work Area Design Assessment

Whether it is creating a new designated space for Hot Work or updating your current weld bay, our consultants work with you to offer recommendations to fit in with your site and your needs. We offer a tailored approach with consultation and collaboration to determine your needs for a safe hot work area.

Our recommendations for the Hot Work Area may include:

  • Additional personal protection equipment for welders
  • Changes to lighting to ensure the area is adequately lit
  • Review of adequate ventilation with installation of fans or exhaust systems
  • Additional safety signage
  • Updating work bay equipment

We can take care of all the recommended changes – from sourcing all the equipment & supplying prices to custom fabricating new benches and equipment. We look after the changes so that all staff can get on with their work with little interruption.

Gap Assessments

A 3D Safety Gap Assessment is a proactive approach to ensure your company is managing safety effectively and complying with relevant legislation, Australian Standards and industry guidelines. One of our consultants will perform a review of your operations, structure, existing systems and training of employees in specific high-risk environments (Hot Work areas, Confined Spaces and Working at Heights), including hazardous substances such as cylinder storage areas.

Following the onsite review our consultant will walk through results and offer recommendations to achieve compliance, if required. The process ensures appropriate resources and processes are implemented to eliminate or minimise risks.