Angle Grinder Safety

A non-accredited awareness course outlining safe principles and uses of angle grinders. Grinders cause more injuries than any other power tool, this course ensures employees use and maintain grinders correctly. This training module has a theory component delivered in the training room and a practical component delivered in the workshop utilising tasks that employees undertake as a part of their duties.

Course Content

– An outline of general safety precautions that should be undertaken
– Detailed explanation of angle grinder principles
– A group discussion of past accidents and how they could have been prevented
– Detailed explanation of the regulatory inspection and maintenance requirements
– As a group, we follow a practical assessment of angle grinders that are used on your site, which includes hazard identification and control

On successful completion of this course, participants will have gained the following skills and knowledge:

– Identify unsafe work practices
– Identify and assess hazardous work practices
– Use the correct equipment for the process involved
– Observe all regulatory requirements
– Report all incidents and faults to the designated person

Course Outcomes

Successful participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance

Further Information

This course is conducted on-site at the premises of industry clients, to enquire about training at your premises please call 1300 663 195 or enquire online.

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