Spotlight on Safety – Thermal Lancing

Thermal lancing incident

NSW Resources Regulator has issued recommendations to mine operators following a safety incident at a mine in the Hunter Valley.

On 9 July 2019, while using a lance to remove a seized pin from the rear-axle link of a CAT 797 dump truck, a worker was struck by the heavy-duty pin when it was ejected unexpectedly. The worker suffered a stress fracture and bruising to his hip, a fracture to his thumb and minor facial and eye injuries from the slag spray.

Recommendations from the regulator following the incident include:

  • a review of hot work risk assessments including thermal lancing
  • safe standing zones for workers,
  • a review of hot work permit systems, thermal lancing procedures, and
  • a review of the system for appointing workers authorised to perform these procedures.

A video and report on the outcomes of the investigation has been released and are available at

What is thermal lancing?

This is a process where a lance or rod is fed by pressurised oxygen to sustain a burning tip capable of cutting through material such as steel or concrete. The tip operates at temperatures upwards of 2000⁰C.

Tips for thermal lancing

Some key points to remember when thermal lancing:

  • Lancing should be carried out in the open air, although good ventilation could allow work inside.
  • Always wear appropriate PPE including jacket, gloves and forced ventilation welding helmet.
  • Remove all flammable materials for a distance of at least ten metres from the place of work.

Review and Retrain

3D Safety are experts in hot work processes – we can assist with a review of hot work risk assessments, permits and procedures. We offer a tailored approach with consultation and collaboration to determine your requirements. 3D Safety also offers safety awareness courses in Oxy Lancing and Hazard Awareness and Risk Assessment.

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